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but please, but please, have you all even SEEN this classic, this work of transcendent Aesthetic , this fashion statement of statements, this 95 Theses nailed upon the door of the church of JESUS CHRIST WHERE DO I BUY THAT OUTFIT, this late 90s pop country jam that dares to ask the question, “what DO you wear in the desert as you reject a bevy of beautiful identical men??? what is the Leopard Print Vibe you ought to have during that part in a country song where you just stop singing?” you’re just saying words, Shania. you’re just speaking. these men aren’t good enough for you to sing at them. they can’t even keep you warm in the middle of the night, why the fuck should you waste a bar on them. where did you get your hat box and can I have it. please. let me impress you much. 


but also can you believe people thought she sang “you kiss your cock at night” instead of “car goodnight”. im still amazed at people to be honest

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