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The Gauntlet: Season 2 - Missing Interviews

Ryan: We do have Lindsay and Michael on the same team so it is gonna be uh… You know they’re always like making out in the corner, and like Gavin’s always right there in the middle of it like holding both hands, and like they’re all kissing each other, it’s… it gets weird in the room a little bit.

Michael: I am on a team with Gavin, who is m’ boi at work, uh go team Mavin. But I’m also on a team with Lindsay, my fiance. Like I know my partners in my job, but who’s gonna be my partner in my life?

Gavin: I’m trying to tip the scales slightly more so he might prefer me over Lindsay eventually. Ya know, I need a green card. So…

Lindsay: With Gavin here, things can get a bit tense but we try and share the love, ya know honestly I’ll tap out with Gavin. We’re all about the high-five and pass. Usually high-five and pass and slap Michael’s ass, that’s the phrase.

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