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July 17 2017

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SPN Cinematography: Dean in Season 11

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SPN Cinematography: Dean in Season 12

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9x23 | Do You Believe in Miracles?

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SPN Cinematography: Dean + Dissolve Transitions


Wipe Transition that was too perfect to leave out.


COP: release the hounds!
*cages open and doves fly out*
COP: what the-

*meanwhile, at a wedding*
PASTOR: release the doves!

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requested by skulls-and-tea

“You have an intermittent tremor in your left hand. Your therapist thinks it’s posttraumatic stress disorder.

Fire her.”

To hell with his face. Martin Freeman acts just as well with his hands.


Everyone: *nervous about burning Cas’s body and the possibility of Cas never truly coming back*

Me: *remembers that Cas’s body is destroyed in every other death he’s experienced*

Me: it’s coo

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July 16 2017













But what if Destiel did become canon?

The show would be completely different. They’d have to do romantic story-lines like Dean refusing to leave purgatory without Cas and Cas being brainwashed until the power of Dean’s love for him overcomes it. And instead of Dean always using straight rock aliases he’d sometimes use a queer rocker like Freddie Mercury. Clearly there is no room in this show for Dean and Cas to be in that kind of relationship.

Seriously, can you imagine Dean giving Cas a mixtape of his favorite zeppelin songs? Or Cas saying “I love you” followed by “I love all of you” to make it clear that the first one was meant for Dean? Dean calling cas sunshine? No this is ridiculous, the change would be drastic , they can’t do that.

I just can’t imagine it. Picture Cas killing a reaper just because he didn’t want Dean and his family to die. Just the thought of Dean searching for Cas day in and day out when he’s missing and Dean all worried and leaving messages in Cas’s phone… It just seems a little too much, ya know

And Dean would be angry every time Cas puts himself in danger (because he would be so scared to lose him), so much that it makes Sam uncomfortable. Maybe even it would be so obvious that OTHER characters would notice their affection, and use it against them! (Can you imagine something like that?!)

No, this is the kind of romantic silliness that can’t happen in SPN, it’s not that kind of a TV show! smh

Not to forget that if Cas ever got killed Dean would completely break down and forget everything, even imminent threats that could vanquish the whole world - instead just falling on his knees next to Cas’ corpse, unable to do anything else. 

Man, that would be so disgusting. 

Guys, I just found this manip of Dean with tears in his eyes asking CAS to stay with him and Sam.

No, this is not ok, stop it guys, we are just hurting ourselves, we won’t see this kind of scene in spn,forget it.

But if Destiel did become canon it would seem so out of the blue ya know? 

We would have really needed some good build up first… 

Maybe two seasons where the undercurrent revolves around Dean’s love for Cas being romantic and not fraternal, having half the episodes starting and finishing with Dean increasingly worrying about Cas and Sam being put in the supportive brother role, maybe even having the whole plot line of the big bad making no sense at all if Cas is not in love with Dean and vice-versa and them being used to supernaturally contact each other through their hearts and being used against each other as bait. Maybe as Dean’s facade starts to come down things between them start to appear more romantic, meanwhile we would need some kind of reason why Cas has never acted on his feelings before now, perhaps he is forbidden by Heaven or something?

Then maybe just to hammer it home after a one sided love declaration an exchange of a mixtape in return or something just as tropey and notice-worthy to ensure it’s shown as a romantic relationship…

But until we get that it wouldn’t really make sense!

This post saved my crops.

I mean even if they could somehow manage any of that stuff you guys listed above, it’s not like they’d ever show Cas and Dean mirroring their own conversations from past canon in order to double down on the potential romantic reading, emphasizing a very long history of this very slow-burn throughout the entirety of their association with one another. That would just be ridiculous.

*gazes dreamily out the window at my lush fields*

Destiel shippers,do yourselves a favor and read all the comments

it’s totally worth it.

They’d have to add in dialogue like “Your needs always come before my own, Dean” or “I need you here, man” and honestly I don’t think Supernatural is the sort of show to have scenes like that between two main characters, am I right?

*rolls around in freshly watered healthy crops*

Y’all [look at the camera as if in The Office] so much, you’re gonna get whiplash!

July 15 2017


i live for my 2am self. she’s so excited for no fuckin reason bless her

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put it in a box

deliver it to my house and put it on

my cock 

            my cock my cock 

                       my cock 

my cock 

                            my cock my cock my cock 

                                                  MY COCK

                                     some sauce 

                          on my

Is this NSP’s new song?


a concept: arin singing in future starbomb songs
another concept: arin harmonising with dan in future starbomb songs

July 09 2017

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fat cat running

look at him… look at how deliberate each step and movement is. look at how mathematically perfect that 90 degree corner turn was… this cat is on another level far beyond us all

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when u join tumblr.

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whenever I find out a new mutual is a lot younger than me I just sort of


*Seductively lays on a table* Hey bab- *Table breaks*

July 08 2017

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